Case Studies

Solutions: Five Star Poly Water Cut

CITY OF FORT WORTH, TX | Eastern Hills Sinkhole Repair Project | Five Star Poly Water Cut

The soil was stabilized under sinkholes in a flood-prone downstream pond in a residential area that is fed from city storm drains.

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MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY | Brookfield Properties | Project: Open Trench Platform Over Active Railroad

A new platform needed to be built to span 15 active railway tracks. Five Star Special Grout 400 used for the grouting of cables and tendons.

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Solutions: Deteriorated Drainage Pipe, Five Star Centri-Cast Pipe Repair Mortar

ECHO LAKE - TARRANT COUNTY, TX | Ace Pipe Cleaning | Drainage Pipe Repair Under Active Railroad Track

Tarrant County needed to make an emergency repair of the overflow drainage system at Echo Lake in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Solutions Old Slag Dumping Yard-Wall, Five Star Structural Concrete HTR Shotcrete

QATAR STEEL, Mexico | Stoncor Mexico | Old Slag Dumping Wall Repair

The original wall was in need of repair without major reconstruction. Repairs were made with Five Star Structural Concrete HTR Shotcrete

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Solutions Maniwaki Courthouse, Five Star Waterproofing

MANIWAKI COURTHOUSE, Quebec Canada | Stoncor Canada | Elevator Pit Repair

Humidity-induced damage caused a great deal of damage to the courthouse elevator pit. Repairs were made with the Five Star Waterproofing product. 

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Solutions NYC Piers 88 & 90

PASSENGER SHIP TERMINAL PIERS, New York City | Turner Construction Company | Rehabilitation of Piers 88 & 90

Pile degradation due to years of marine borer activity escalated at an alarming rate during the past 15 years leaving piers unsound.

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Solutions Nakawic River Bridge

NACKAWIC RIVER BRIDGE, New Brunswick - Canada | Stoncor Canada | Project: Pier Rehabilitation

Deteriorated concrete piles on the Nackawic River Bridge needed to be repaired and protected from further damage.

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Solutions Kwamnyandu Mall South Africa

KWAMNYANDU MALL, South Africa | Aesthcon Construction. Project: Concrete Parking Deck Restoration

The concrete parking deck of the Kwamnyandu Mall suffered from rain damage and needed to be repaired and protected from further corrosion.

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Solutions Battery Park City, New York

BATTERY PARK CITY, NY | Battery Park City Association. Project: Timber Pile Rehabilitation

The City of New York called on Five Star to cost effectively "rehabilitate" deteriorating piles without the expense of replacing them.

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LABRADOR, CANADA | TATA Steel. Project: 750 ID Fan Base Plate Grouting

Project contractor, Sunny Corner Enterprises, saves a previous failed pour with Five Star DP Epoxy Grout.

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ONTARIO, CANADA | StonCor. Project: Viva Bus Depot

Due to  extensive mechanical damage to the inspection pits caused by the buses, Five Star® RS Anchor Gel and Five Star Structural Concrete® were chosen to for the repair work.

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DOCKLANDS VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA | TAM International. Project: North Wharf Pile Restoration

Using Five Star® Cementitious Underwater Grout for the  repair of concrete piles enabled this job to be completed on time and on budget.

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CHILE | BHP Billiton. Project: Throughput Increase

The grouting  of a rotating cylinder with a mainframe of over 4m in length was no problem for   contractor Besalco Montajes when using Five Star® DP Epoxy Grout for the project.

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CHILE | ENAP. Project: New Alkylation Unit

DSD Construction & Installations took on this project with confidence knowing that Five Star DP Epoxy Grout would get the job done right.

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PERU | XSTRATA Copper. Project: Tintaya-Antapaccay Expansion

Project contractor, Bechtel, chose Five   Star® DP Epoxy Grout for grouting projects at this major long-life brownfield expansion to the Tintaya copper mine.

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