Five Star Centri-Cast HS Application

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Centri-Cast Pipe Repair Mortar HS (High Strength)

Five Star Centri-Cast® Pipe Repair Mortar HS and Five Star Centri-Cast® Pipe Repair Mortar HS w/Microban® Technology are high-performance cementitious mortars designed for the trenchless renewal of underground pipes without disturbing the pipe. Both are high strength, single component, fiber-reinforced hydraulic repair materials. Five Star Centri-Cast® Pipe Repair Mortar HS products provide sealing, rehabilitation and corrosion protection of existing underground metal and concrete pipes and is a quick and economical pipe repair solution that creates a dense and highly impermeable repair coating.

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For added protection, Five Star Centri-Cast® Pipe Repair Mortar HS w/Microban® Technology is infused with an antimicrobial agent to guard against the growth of mold and mildew.

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Product Downloads

pdf Centri-Cast HS: Data Sheet (12542) Size: 496.13 KB Data Sheet
pdf Centri-Cast: Brochure (12137) Size: 1.73 MB Brochure
pdf Centri-Cast: Design-A-Spec 12310B Size: 217.89 KB Design-A-Spec
pdf SOLUTIONS Centri-Cast PRM Flyer (12136) Size: 2.01 MB Solutions
pdf Centri-Cast Joint Filler: Data Sheet Size: 466.59 KB
pdf SDS (12270) Size: 207.53 KB Safety Data Sheet

Product Details

  • Large volume applications
  • Centrifugally cast in place
  • Low chloride ion permeability
  • Versatile ┬╝ inch (6 mm) to 1 inch (25 mm) single pass applications
  • Fiber reinforced for crack resistance and strength
  • Infused w/Microban┬« Technology extends the useful life of mortar by inhibiting deterioration caused by mildew
  • Trenchless repair of underground pipes
  • Pipe rehabilitation, repair and protection
  • New pipe corrosion protection
Yield (Cubic foot) .41
Yield (Liter) 11.6