Five Star Rapid Surface Repair EpoxyFix

Rapid Surface Repair EpoxyFix™

Five Star® Rapid Surface Repair EpoxyFix™is a unique, low viscosity, two-part liquid, epoxy-hybrid polymer. When supplemented with aggregates, this product is used to repair and rehabilitate concrete and asphaltic concrete pavements. The enhanced polymer is high performance, rapid setting, has a high tolerance for moisture, and can be used to make a resilient polymer concrete. Fast curing, durable, long-lasting repairs are able to handle vibration, heavy traffic, and thermal movement.

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Product Downloads

pdf Rapid Surface Repair EpoxyFix: Data Sheet (12537) Size: 480.65 KB Datasheet
pdf Rapid Surface Repair EpoxyFix: Design-A-Spec Size: 570.84 KB Design-A-Spec
pdf Rapid Surface Repair: Brochure (12160) Size: 1.39 MB Brochure
pdf Five Star Airport Surface Repair Technology Brochure 12752 Size: 1.09 MB Brochure
pdf SDS - Component A (12291) Size: 313.9 KB Safety Data Sheet
pdf SDS - Component B (12292) Size: 237.79 KB Safety Data Sheet

Product Details

  • High moisture tolerance
  • Superior bond strength
  • No priming required to bond to concrete, asphalt or steel
  • Traffic ready in as little as 35-40 minutes
  • No toxic fumes during application.
  • Use any clean, locally sourced stone (does not need to be kiln-dried)
  • Make repairs, resurface pavements and apply protective coating year round — hot or cold.
  • No VOCs
  • Control joint filler
  • Spall and pothole repairs
  • General concrete patching where flexibility is required
  • Surface repairs on roads, bridges, runways, industrial floors, parking lots
  • Expansion joint and bridge header reconstruction
Yield (Cubic foot) No
Yield (Liter) No