The Company

Five Star's New Corporate Headquarters - August 1, 2022!
2 Enterprise Drive, Suite 303, Shelton, CT 06484-4656

Five Star Products, Inc. is a team of professional specialists who inspire practical and creative industrial construction and rehabilitation solutions. Built on over six decades of innovative leadership, Five Star Products, Inc. holds a singular focus to provide solutions that meet the ever-increasing demands of modern industrial construction. When it comes to harsh conditions and environments, your installations must perform. Professionals in the industrial, infrastructure, marine, and commercial industries depend on our product solutions every day across the world. Five Star Products, Inc. provides a comprehensive support system including technical, specification, and customer support with an unsurpassed record in the industry. Customers can be confident they will be supported every step of the way with superb expert technical service and by a network of certified distributors and licensees.

Our proprietary formulations include high-performance cement and epoxy-based products developed specifically for challenging environments and applications. Our renowned high-performance, precision, non-shrink Five Star® machinery grouts, structural repair mortars, and anchoring and foundation systems have proven to be the products of choice among engineers and specifiers who ...are responsible for significant projects and cannot afford to be anything but successful.

It's not just a fact that we have been serving the industry since 1955; it is that we have done so with a superior record of achievement for our customers. A great deal has happened since the inception of Five Star Products, Inc. Today, our products are produced worldwide in strategically located manufacturing facilities under a strict quality control system that conforms to the ISO 9001-2015 standard.

Since the company began as The Nash Babcock Engineering Company in 1955, founded by H. Nash Babcock, the company’s focus has been to develop products that industrial and commercial customers can trust. Mr. Babcock steered the engineering consulting firm into product development and received more than 100 patents worldwide. As a result of 30 years of growth and an expanding international customer base, the company was renamed Five Star Products, Inc. in 1985 and began marketing an array of precision grouting, waterproofing, and concrete restoration products for industrial use. Five Star Products Inc. continues its seamless commitment to provide technically advanced products of quality and reliability to meet customer needs.
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