In the challenging marine construction landscape, Five Star® is a trusted name. Our products, backed by rigorous field testing conducted by expert divers and engineers, offer effective solutions, particularly for pile restoration in harsh environments marked by ice, debris, and chemical pollutants. Designed to meet the diverse challenges of tidal variations, currents, and hostile marine settings, Five Star® products prioritize ease of installation, reliability, and consistent high-quality performance.

With Five Star®, marine professionals find both quality products and unwavering support.

Products Solutions for the Marine Industry

Marine Market Case Studies

  • Port of New Orleans Nashville Wharf Rehabilitation — New Orleans, LA USA

    Using a popular Five Star Marine restoration system, five thousand deteriorated piles were rehabilitated in this massive undertaking.

  • HAIFA PORT Caisson Damage Repair – ISRAEL

    For repairing mechanically damaged underwater caissons at Haifa Port, Five Star Structural Concrete® Underwater Hand Pack was chosen, facilitating quick repairs by divers without delaying the installation schedule.

  • NACKAWIC RIVER BRIDGE, Stoncor Canada Pier Rehabilitation – New Brunswick, Canada

    PileForm™ F Pile Rehabilitation Jackets, backed by timber formwork and filled with Five Star® Underwater High Strength Grout, were used to effectively rehabilitate and protect deteriorated concrete piles on the Nackawic River Bridge from marine damages.

  • BATTERY PARK CITY, Battery Park City Association Timber Pile Rehabilitation – New York City, NY USA

    The City of New York called on Five Star to cost effectively “rehabilitate” deteriorating piles without the expense of replacing them.

  • PASSENGER SHIP TERMINAL PIERS, Turner Construction Company Rehabilitation of Piers 88 & 90 – New York City, NY USA

    To combat escalating pile degradation from marine borer activity at NYC’s Passenger Ship Terminal, Five Star’s PileForm F fiberglass jackets were utilized. The solution effectively shielded timber piles from marine organisms, ensuring indefinite protection with simplified installation and maintenance processes.

  • Grandview Bridge – ID, USA

    To repair the deteriorated piles of the Snake River bridge, Structural Concrete® Underwater Hand Pack was applied for void reshaping, followed by PileForm F fiberglass reinforced plastic pile and Pile Jacket Epoxy Grout LPL, providing a lasting solution without pile replacement.