Five Star PolyFlex SLV

PolyFlex SLV

Five Star® PolyFlex SLV is a flexible, low viscosity, single component injection resin for water stoppage in concrete, masonry structures and sandy soils, even when strong seepages or gushing leaks are encountered. Its reaction with water results in the formation of flexible polyurethane which forms a hydrophobic and chemically-resistant barrier.

Product Downloads

pdf PolyFlex SLV: Data Sheet (12758) Size: 487.71 KB

Data Sheet

pdf Chemical Grouts & Polyurethanes (12201) Size: 4.04 MB


pdf PolyFlex SLV Accelerator: SDS Size: 61.69 KB Safety Data Sheet
pdf PolyFlex SLV: SDS (12487) Size: 273.32 KB Safety Data Sheet
pdf SDS - PolyAccelerator (12889) Size: 243.89 KB

Safety Data Sheet

Product Details

  • Rapid seal formation
  • Forms a hydrophobic and chemically resistant barrier
  • Remains flexible without further shrinking or swelling
  • Solvent and phthalate free
  • Adaptable reaction time with use of accelerant
  • Reacts with water
  • Resistant to biological attack
  • Sealing of moving or non-moving cracks
  • Sewage pipes/manhole grouting and sealing
  • Seal expansion joints
  • Water and gas sealing
Yield (Cubic foot)1.25
Yield (Liter)No