Five Star Poly Water Cut

Poly Water Cut

Five Star® Poly Water Cut is a solvent-free single component hydrophobic polyurethane water cut-off grout, specifically engineered for use in concrete or water bearing structures in sandy environments to stop gushing water or water seepage. It is formulated to react with water and form a rigid polyurethane foam that molds to substrate and stabilizes surrounding soil.

Product Downloads

pdf Poly Water Cut: Data Sheet (12543) Size: 492.1 KB

Data Sheet

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Poly Water Cut

pdf SDS (12705) Size: 275.29 KB Safety Data Sheet
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Safety Data Sheet

Product Details

  • Adaptable cure time
  • Rapid compressive strength gains
  • Resistant to biological attack
  • No shrinking or swelling
  • Reacts with water to form rigid polyurethane foam
  • Solvent and phthalate free system
  • Stop water in rapid filling water bearing structures
  • Injection resin for water cut-off in concrete and masonry
  • Fill voids in cracks and joints Stabilize sand and soils
  • Tunnel face securing
  • Fill voids in rock fissures and gravel layers
Yield (Cubic foot)1.25
Yield (Liter)No