XP 230

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XP 230 Epoxy Grout

Eliminate the Plate. Simplify the Process.
Get a Stronger Base and a Bigger Bottom Line.

The highest compressive strength epoxy grout in the Five Star® portfolio and in the industry, NEW Xtreme Performance XP 230 is a 23,000 psi (158.5 MPa) compressive strength epoxy grout that forms a stronger connection between the dynamic tower and its static foundation. Expansive, precision XP 230 Epoxy Grout spreads the load between the tower and the foundation in one step, eliminating the need for a separate steel bearing plate. XP 230 helps form a strong, full-contact, weathertight essential connection between the tower flange and foundation. A three-component engineered system, Five Star® XP 230 Epoxy Grout is non-shrink, low exothermic, 100% solids, and solvent-free. Five Star® XP 230 Epoxy Grout is non-shrink as tested in accordance with ASTM C1090 with a high fatigue resistance under dynamic loading conditions.

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Product Downloads

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Data Sheet

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Product Details

  • Ultra-high compressive strength eliminates the high-cost steel bearing plates in many large wind tower applications.
  • High dimensional stability, non-shrink per ASTM C1090
  • High fatigue resistance under dynamic loading conditions
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion and Modulus of Elasticity more closely aligned with steel and concrete
  • Low exotherm enables higher monolithic pours
  • Early strength development enables faster job site progress (i.e., torquing bolts, stacking additional tower segments)
  • Reduces supply chain complexity and scheduling uncertainty associated with steel bearing plates
  • Long working time
  • Place up to 14-inch (35.5 cm) depth in a single pour
  • Low dust formula
  • Use current epoxy grout installation techniques
  • Uses
    • Wind towers or other high load applications
    Yield (Cubic foot)1.55
    Yield (Liter)43.9