Centri-Cast Water Stop

Centri-Cast Water Stop

Five Star Centri-Cast® Water Stop is a fast-setting hydraulic cement that stops active leaks in concrete. Easy to apply, Five Star Centri-Cast® Water Stop is high-bond and high-strength and is resistant to oil, gas, salt water, and sulphates. This product is recommended for active leaks or flowing water and can be applied on new or existing concrete, mortar, brick, or any other surface to which cementitious products can bond.

Product Downloads

pdf Centri-Cast Water Stop: Data Sheet (12598) Size: 459.06 KB

Data Sheet

pdf Centri-Cast Water Stop: SDS (12294) Size: 105.08 KB

Safety Data Sheet

Product Details

  • Completely Waterproof
  • Rapid Setting & Permanent
  • Single Component
  • Easy-to-Apply
  • Oil, Gas, Saltwater, and Sulfate Resistant
  • High Bond Strength
  • Plugging water leaks/seepage in concrete, stone, or other surfaces to which cementitious products can bond
  • Crack filler material for active leaks
Yield (Cubic foot)No
Yield (Liter)2.4