Highway Maintenance

Rapid Surface Repair R-60

Five Star® Rapid Surface Repair R-60 is an ultra low viscosity concrete healer and penetrating crack sealer. This unique polyurethane-hybrid polymer restores concrete strength by penetrating deep into concrete pavements and re-bonding cracks. Five Star® R-60 seals concrete to reduce freeze-thaw spalling, as well as protect from further chemical attack and is traffic ready in as little as 10 minutes.

Product Downloads

pdf Rapid Surface Repair R-60: Data Sheet (12539) Size: 490.92 KB
pdf Rapid Surface Repair: Brochure (12160) Size: 2.88 MB


pdf Rapid Surface Repair R-60 Design-A-Spec Size: 281.37 KB
pdf Five Star Airport Surface Repair Technology Brochure 12752 Size: 5.71 MB


pdf SDS - Component A (12714) Size: 276.27 KB Safety Data Sheet
pdf SDS - Component B (12715) Size: 287.36 KB Safety Data Sheet
pdf FAST-CAT Operating Manual (12706) Size: 5.85 MB FAST-CAT Operating Manual

Product Details

  • No priming required to bond to concrete, asphalt, steel or wood
  • Penetrates, seals cracks, and protects substrates from freeze-thaw spalling.
  • Stops further corrosion of reinforcing steel.
  • Solidifies in as little as 2-5 minutes, penetrating narrowest cracks. Traffic Ready in as little as 10 minutes*.
  • No toxic fumes during application.
  • Make repairs, resurface pavements, and apply protective coating year round - hot or cold.

*10-minute traffic ready for catalyzed machine applied version. Traffic time dependent upon air and substrate temperature.

  • Repair cracks, potholes, spalls
  • Deck sealer/crack healer on PCC pavement
  • Primer for epoxies and urethane resurfacers
  • Creates non-skid and traction surfaces
  • Anchoring adhesive
Yield (Cubic foot) No
Yield (Liter) No