Cementitious Underwater Grout

Cementitious Underwater Grout

Pumpable Underwater Grout. Five Star® Cementitious Underwater Grout is an underwater pump grade, cement-based, non-shrink grout. It is designed for applications including pile repair and restoration, grouting underwater, grouting areas subject to saltwater exposure, and installation of anchors and dowels.

Product Downloads

pdf Cementitious Underwater Grout: Data Sheet (12964) Size: 444.82 KB
pdf Cementitious Underwater Grout: Design-A-Spec Size: 148.5 KB Design-A-Spec
pdf SDS (12257) Size: 109.75 KB

Safety Data Sheet

Product Details

  • Placement via tremie or pump
  • Salt and seawater resistant
  • Non-ferrous, Non-corrosive
  • Locally manufactured under strict quality control standards
  • Non-shrink from the time of placement
  • Pile repair and restoration
  • Grouting underwater
  • Grouting areas subject to saltwater exposure
  • Installation of anchors and dowels
Yield (Cubic foot)0.42
Yield (Liter)No