Pilecap® Timber System

Pilecap® Timber System

Wood Piling Restoration. The Pilecap® Timber System extends the life of existing wood piles by removing a portion of damaged or deteriorated piling and installing new sections without adding additional weight or causing further stress to the wood pile. By using a patented friction coupler system, pilings can be repaired and reloaded to original specification. The Pilecap® Timber System is permanently fastened to the existing sub-structure bringing your piling back to 100% structural integrity.

Product Downloads

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Product Details

  • Save time and money by repairing instead of replacing
  • No need to drive a new pile(s)
  • Adds less weight to piling
  • Fully restores load bearing integrity to an existing pile
  • Provides an excellent barrier to corrosive marine elements
  • Can be used for the long-term restoration of wood marine piles.
  • Pilecap® Timber Systems are custom designed for each application.
Yield (Cubic foot)No
Yield (Liter)No