PileForm™ W Retrowrap HD (Heavy Duty)

PileForm™ W Retrowrap HD (Heavy Duty)

Heavy-Duty Corrosion Control System for Piles, Pipelines and Risers. Five Star® PileForm™ W Retrowrap™ HD is a heavy-duty, multi-scrim wrap around corrosion protection system used for inshore splash zone and underwater corrosion protection for piles, pipelines and risers or where heavy duty resistance to floating debris or ice flow is required. Designed to suit any diameter from 1.97 inches to 9.8 feet (50 mm to 3 meters), it may be interlocked to accommodate any required protected length. No primers, fillers or tapes required.

U.S. Patent No. 5,435,667

Product Downloads

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Product Details

  • Multilayer, heavy-duty construction
  • Supplied in interlocking modular lengths
  • Does not require substrate shotblast preparation
  • Polyurethane provides the highest abrasion resistance
  • Full-length closure flanges for easy installation
  • Available with unique anti-fouling outer layer
  • Easy removal and replacement for inspection
  • Provides active protection with environmentally safe corrosion inhibitors
  • Hoop tension forces created within the outer skin resist high wave suction forces
  • Cold-applied – no hot work permit required
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

Five Star® PileForm™ W Retrowrap™ HD is specifically designed to provide an easily installed retrofit installation for corrosion protection of sub sea pipelines and jetty piles. For deep water applications, the PileForm™ W Retrowrap™ HD units can be overlapped or butt joint and sealed using a cummerbund connector to provide a continuous, retrofit "active" protection system throughout the required length.

Yield (Cubic foot)No
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