Case Studies

Case Study - DP Epoxy GroutPort of New Orleans Nashville Wharf Rehabilitation — Five Star PileForm F, Underwater Grout and Splash Zone

Using a popular Five Star Marine restoration system, five thousand deteriorated piles were rehabilitated in this massive undertaking. Read more (PDF)


Case Study - Structural Concrete V/OTHUMS Islands (Astronaut Islands) Grissom Waterfall Rehab — Five Star Structural Concrete V/O

Part of the "sculptured screens" created to conceal the oil drilling rigs were in need of repair to maintain the beauty of these artificial islands. Once such repair was a very large waterfall. Read more (PDF)

Case Study - DP Epoxy GroutDesmond Gerald Bridge Replacement — Five Star SP Epoxy Grout PG

Featuring high compressive strength, rapid strength development, and excellent flow, this epoxy product was used to grout in crane-bearing beam pads 120+ feet above the ground. Read more (PDF)

Case Study - DP Epoxy GroutGulf Intracoastal Waterway West Closure Project — Five Star DP Epoxy Grout

After Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers designed a superior defense structure greatly reducing risk of flooding from future hurricane surges. Read more (PDF)


Case Study - Crane Rail GroutPort of Brisbane Phases 1-3, Queensland Australia — Five Star Crane Rail Grout

Day and night shifts were run to get this job complete with minimal downtime. Read more (PDF)


Case Study - Highway PatchCity of Greater Geelong, Australia — Five Star Highway Patch

This fast-setting cement used to repair manhole covers resulted in traffic-ready streets in under 4 hours. Read more (PDF)

Case Study - RSR Easy MixIngham's Ent. Poultry Production Facility in Australia — Rapid Surface Repair Easy Mix

The facility needed a fast repair for this high-volume foot traffic area. (Read more PDF)


Solutions Cairns RegionalCairns Regional Council Vertical Expansion Stormflow Joint Replacements
Five Star Structural Concrete® V/O

Municipal treatment tank joints had deteriorated and were badly in need of repair. Read more (PDF)


Solutions Airline TaxiwayAirline Terminal Taxiway Repairs
Rapid Surface Repair Easy Mix

Rutting had occurred where the tires of the mobile bridge traveled over uneven asphalt. Numerous failed attempts were made to repair the area, until they tried RSR Easy Mix. Read more (PDF)


Solutions SEPTA Regional RailSEPTA Regional Rail Train Trestle Baseplate Repair, Media/Elwin Line, PA
Fluid Epoxy Grout

Due to weather, age and wear, many of the original concrete footers in their 80 year old railroad trestles exhibited erosion voids under the original baseplates. Read More (PDF)

Solutions Loma Linda Campus Transformation Project

LOMA LINDA Campus Transformation Project, Loma Linda, CA
Hybrid Grout

This project posed several unique challenges. The most obvious being the stringent seismic specifications for one of the most unique hospital structures in California. Read More (PDF)


Solutions PETRA NOVAPETRA NOVA Project, Houston, TX
World's largest post-combustion carbon capture plant

The new plant captures approximately 90 percent of the carbon dioxide (CO2) from a 240 MW slipstream of flue gas and can sequester some 1.4 million metric tons of this greenhouse gas annually.  Read more (PDF)


Solutions DP Epoxy GroutCHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY, Chicago, IL
DP Epoxy Grout

New steel beams being installed for an above-ground walkway needed to be insulated, or encapsulated, to prevent static electricity generated by the trains from transferring through the beams. Read more (PDF)

Pilecap Concrete System

This is the first time in history that this type of system has ever been used to fully restore a failing reinforced concrete structure.
Read more (PDF)


Solutions: Five Star Novolac Structural Concrete and Pressure Port Crack RepairCALENERGY GENERATION, Containment Pit 3
Novolac Structural Concrete and Pressure Port Crack Repair

Containment walls, sump pits, pump pedestals, containment floor and curbing were all compromised and in decline after years of failed protection. Read more (PDF)

Solutions: Five Star Poly Water CutLAX AIRPORT, LOS ANGELES, CA
Airport Runways/Taxiways
Rapid Surface Repair Easy Mix

Inset runway can lighting was in need of repair due to dynamic impact, temperature differentials, and abrasion and corrosion. Read more (PDF)

Solutions: Five Star Poly Water Cut CITY OF FORT WORTH, TX
Eastern Hills Sinkhole Repair Project
Five Star Poly Water Cut

The soil was stabilized under sinkholes in a flood-prone downstream pond in a residential area that is fed from city storm drains. Read more (PDF)

Brookfield Properties
Open Trench Platform Over Active Railroad

A new platform needed to be built to span 15 active railway tracks. Five Star Special Grout 400 used for the grouting of cables and tendons. Read more (PDF)

Caisson Damage Repair

Chosen for its underwater placement properties, Five Star Structural Concrete Underwater Hand Pack was used to repair damage sustained when these underwater caissons were installed. Read more (PDF)

Solutions Old Slag Dumping Yard-Wall, Five Star Structural Concrete HTR Shotcrete QATAR STEEL, Mexico
Stoncor Mexico
Old Slag Dumping Wall Repair

The original wall was in need of repair without major reconstruction. Repairs were made with Five Star Structural Concrete HTR Shotcrete. Read more (PDF)

Solutions Maniwaki Courthouse, Five Star Waterproofing MANIWAKI COURTHOUSE, Quebec Canada
Stoncor Canada
Elevator Pit Repair

Humidity-induced damage caused a great deal of damage to the courthouse elevator pit. Repairs were made with the Five Star Waterproofing product. Read more (PDF)

Solutions NYC Piers 88 & 90 PASSENGER SHIP TERMINAL PIERS, New York City
Turner Construction Company
Rehabilitation of Piers 88 & 90

Pile degradation due to years of marine borer activity escalated at an alarming rate during the past 15 years leaving piers unsound. Read more (PDF)

Solutions Nakawic River Bridge NACKAWIC RIVER BRIDGE, New Brunswick - Canada
Stoncor Canada
Pier Rehabilitation

Deteriorated concrete piles on the Nackawic River Bridge needed to be repaired and protected from further damage. Read more (PDF)

Solutions Kwamnyandu Mall South Africa KWAMNYANDU MALL, South Africa
Aesthcon Construction
Concrete Parking Deck Restoration

The concrete parking deck of the Kwamnyandu Mall suffered from rain damage and needed to be repaired and protected from further corrosion. Read more (PDF)

Solutions Battery Park City, New York BATTERY PARK CITY, NY
Battery Park City Association
Timber Pile Rehabilitation

The City of New York called on Five Star to cost effectively "rehabilitate" deteriorating piles without the expense of replacing them. Read more (PDF)

TATA Steel
750 ID Fan Base Plate Grouting

Project contractor, Sunny Corner Enterprises, saves a previous failed pour with Five Star DP Epoxy Grout. Read more (PDF)

Viva Bus Depot

Due to  extensive mechanical damage to the inspection pits caused by the buses, Five Star® RS Anchor Gel and Five Star Structural Concrete® were chosen to for the repair work. Read more (PDF)

TAM International
North Wharf Pile Restoration

Using Five Star® Cementitious Underwater Grout for the  repair of concrete piles enabled this job to be completed on time and on budget. Read more (PDF)

CHILE | BHP Billiton
Throughput Increase

The grouting  of a rotating cylinder with a mainframe of over 4m in length was no problem for  contractor Besalco Montajes when using Five Star® DP Epoxy Grout for the project. Read more (PDF)

New Alkylation Unit

DSD Construction & Installations took on this project with confidence knowing that Five Star DP Epoxy Grout would get the job done right. Read more (PDF)

Tintaya-Antapaccay Expansion

Project contractor, Bechtel, chose Five Star® DP Epoxy Grout for grouting projects at this major long-life brownfield expansion to the Tintaya copper mine. Read more (PDF)