Special Grout 400

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Special Grout 400

Five Star Special Grout 400 is a cement-based, nonmetallic, nonshrink, fluid grout specifically formulated for grouting of cables and tendons that provides corrosion protection. When tested in accordance with ACI C 827, Five Star Special Grout 400 shows positive expansion. Five Star Special Grout 400 meets the performance requirements of ASTM C 1107-02 and CRD-C 621-93 specifications for nonshrink grout grades A, B, and C.

Product Downloads

pdf TDS Special Grout 400 (na12573eng-rD) Size: 333.68 KB

Data Sheet

pdf SDS Special Grout 400 (na12259eng-rE) Size: 178.06 KB

Safety Data Sheet

pdf DAS Special Grout 400 (na13025eng-rC) Size: 157.31 KB


pdf Solutions: Penobscot Narrows (12619 rA) Size: 1.15 MB


pdf Solutions: Brookfield/Manhattan West Platform - New York City (12620) Size: 1.44 MB


Product Details

  • Pumpable fluid grout for very tight clearances
  • Nonbleeding
  • Permanent filling of voids
  • Extended working time
  • Pumpable up to 2 hours at 90°F
  • Provides corrosion protection of bridge cables
  • Pressure placement into tendon ducts
  • Nonshrink grouting between precast panels, walls and beams
  • Grouting of anchorages
Yield (Cubic foot).5
Yield (Liter)14.2