Summerset® is an additive which extends the working time and retards the set of certain Five Star® rapid setting hydraulic cement products. Summerset should be used when working in hot weather or placing a large amount of material at one time to provide ample working time to place and finish the material. For use only with specific Five Star rapid setting products which call for Summerset by name such as Five Star Structural Concrete®, Five Star® Instant Grout, and Five Star® Highway Patch.

Product Downloads

pdf TDS Summerset (na12764eng-rC) Size: 243.6 KB

Data Sheet

pdf SDS Summerset (na12262eng-rB) Size: 152.2 KB

Safety Data Sheet

Product Details

  • Extend the set time of rapid setting cement mortars
  • Controlling the set time of cementitious mortars
Yield (Cubic foot)No
Yield (Liter)No